Workplace transition is about getting businesses back to work.

Here is a small glimpse of what to expect:

For example, you can expect to find temperature readers and PPE-clad screeners. Screening is likely required at all employee and visitor entryways, as is screening at parking entry gates.

Likewise, foot traffic routing to allow for better social distancing is the norm, too. This reduces potential foot traffic chokepoints. Businesses have also been required to monitor the number of people allowed in company restrooms and other communal areas, including cafeterias. This maintains compliance with ever-evolving regulations and public safety policies.

Further, those with jobs that allow for remote working are encouraged to do so. For those that require (or prefer) coming into the office, the adoption of staggered workday start times are the norm. This step limits overcrowding of workplaces that could create physical spacing challenges. Companies can’t allow workers to enter their workplaces at the same time and occupy every available cubicle or office space. In an interesting twist, some organizations have introduced alternating in-office work schedules for employees. This requires people to use a combination of remote and in-office work schedules to reduce office occupancy.

In addition, new cleaning protocols are extensive – who would have guessed that we have to have a cleaning crew come in and do their thing after every meeting? Similarly, the open workspace design that you just recently were accustomed to, it changed. Cubicle walls have returned. New sneeze guards are also in place to accommodate health safety requirements. Shared workspaces and lockers still exist, but workers must now sign-in and sign-out of them to ensure proper cleaning between uses.

Workplace Transition Planning Is Essential

Our Workplace Transition Services™ help you transition back to the physical workplace with a focus on mitigating risks for staff and customers, while re-imagining work in the future. 

High performance businesses must properly pivot to continue winning. Of course, this requires exceptional agility to pull it off while reinforcing a spirit of being “in it together.

And, that is not easy. Take a look at the video to learn more about Indispensable Consulting’s Workplace Transition Services.