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Learn To Stop What’s Stopping You

You being you is the only way to become an indispensable leader, partner, parent and friend.

Sometimes our authenticity gets lost in the struggles of everyday life. This virtual retreat is aimed at helping you restore the energy, vitality, self-awareness and honesty needed to help you to keep it real – for yourself and those in your world.

Consider the people who you admire most. While all inspiring in their own ways, we bet they all share a few common traits, including:

  • They know themselves well;
  • They never allow someone else to define them;
  • They put their people first;
  • They’re exceptional communicators, and;
  • They know how to manage themselves and lead others.

We will help you to develop these traits, while breaking through the barriers that may be preventing you from becoming all you can be.

Jim And Mandy Provide the Secret Sauce

What really makes this offering so special is the combination of Jim Kerr and Mandy Morris.

They bring vast experience from their respective disciplines together to forge something entirely new in the personal development and business leadership space.

By integrating psychology and scientifically-proven methods with elite leadership coaching and organizational development theory, Jim and Mandy are able to deliver a powerful life-changing experience for anyone wanting to live and lead more authentically.

Mandy Morris is a therapist, speaker, author, and mental health expert. As a public figure and champion for mental health, she strives to educate on the benefits of therapy and combat the stigmas that mental health is a weakness and change is unattainable. No matter the situation, Mandy’s goal is always to help others get to a place of growth, healing, and freedom. Mandy always does her best to spread the word that mental health is just as important as physical health, and change can be possible. Whether that’s leading them to that through therapy, educating on mental health, or through training, Mandy wholeheartedly believes that once you have the tools you need you can live an abundant life worth living.

Jim Kerr is one of today’s foremost authorities on leadership and company culture. Clients, including The Home Depot, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance and General Dynamics, to name a few, use his vision story development, organizational design and culture transformation theories to this day. His work is featured in a variety of business magazines, including Fast Company, BusinessWeek and Bloomberg. His strong dedication to research, study and the cultivation of thought leadership enables Jim to continue to deliver cutting-edge solutions to his clients.

Jim Kerr Author of Indispensable is an Executive Coach
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What Makes This Program Different:

  • Pre-Retreat Self-Assessment: This easy to use instrument enables participants to determine their opportunities for improvement, while providing Jim and Mandy with a baseline understanding of each attendee.
  • Principle-Centered Thinking: We teach you to craft and adopt a personalized set of principles which serve to bring a new way of thinking to your business and personal life. After all, only you can change the ways in which you choose to behave and interact. Adopting new personal principles will help you to define what “good” looks like for you.
  • The Science Behind Getting Unstuck: Understanding the emotional and mental hindrances that keep you stuck. We have life experiences, upbringings, and biological wiring that make up our “operating system”. We will help you identify those underlying thoughts, feelings and beliefs that keep you from operating out of a place of freedom, confidence, and productivity. We will help you understand what keeps you stuck, where it comes from, and what to do to become unstuck in your personal and professional life.
  • “You Do You” Storytelling: We tell ourselves stories all day long. These stories help us to make sense of the world and provide a frame of reference that guide our behavior. We help you to craft a compelling and engaging story about your future that will serve to inspire and inform the changes that you want to incorporate into the ways you lead and relate to others in your life.
  • Breakthrough Action Planning: We will teach you how to live out of your new “operating system” by helping you to develop a plan for your future. This plan will include the action steps to help you level -up in your relationship with yourself and others in your life. Your personalized action plan will include proven psychological techniques to improve mindset and to create obtainable goals for the short-term and the long-term changes that you wish to make.
  • Personalized Post-Retreat Action Plan Review and Coaching: This one hour coaching session with Jim and Mandy is dedicated to helping participants optimize their individualized action plan and receive the guidance needed to get them started on their own paths to becoming the versions of themselves.



Keeping It Real With Jim and Mandy
Transformation services delivered by Indispensable Consulting helps you think out of the box.

Our Agenda:

Morning Session I – Your Principles: This session focuses on principles-setting. Helping participants to:

  • Learn about the value of principled-centered thinking
  • Identify the principles that they want to incorporate into their work and personal lives
  • Draft those principles using our easy-to-use Personal Principle Template™ built for your quick reference in the future.

Morning Session II – Overcoming Your Barriers: This session explores what barriers are and the science behind them. Participants will:

  • Learn the value of “why” questions in identifying your barriers.
  • Use our proven template to uncover the things that are preventing you of being all you can be.
  • Determine the right set of techniques for you to overcome what’s holding you back.

Afternoon Session I – Your Vision: This session provides a framework for you to use in crafting a vivid and captivating story about you in the future. Your resulting “vision story” will be used to shape your personalized action plan for change. The module includes:

  • The power of personal storytelling as a means of promoting personal change.
  • Brainstorming key characteristics that you want to embody within your story of you.
  • How to draft your personal vision story using our easy-to-use Vision Story Template™.

Afternoon Session II – Your Action Plan: This session provides the Action Planning Template to use in developing your plan for keeping it real. Participants will:

  • Review the work done in the day’s earlier modules to determine common themes which they would like to address in their personalized action planning.
  • Will use the themes identified to develop shape their New Operating System
  • Craft an action initiative using our Action Initiative Template™ that they intend to put in their Action Plan.

(Note: A robust  Action Plan is, typically, comprised of 5 or 6 initiatives. We will complete one while in session and ask participants to complete the rest on their own in preparation for our 1-on-1, post-retreat coaching session)

Organization Design is an essential element of the Indispensable Book


You would expect to pay thousands of dollars for this much session time with Jim and Mandy.

However, by registering for this virtual retreat, attendees share that cost at pennies on the dollar, while gaining the benefit of learning in a group setting where additional insights can be gained as attendees explore the concepts together in a friendly, learning environment.

Best of all, it’s ”right“ priced as an easy investment in your well-being and professional development:


  • Registration is just $549.00/pp
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