Networking with Thought Leaders Interview

Leveraging Thought Leadership Podcast

With host Peter Winick.

We discuss the frustrations that led to me writing his first book. Then, we explore the changes and challenges that have taken place over the years as publishing methods have transformed. Also, we talk about how these changes have left authors to be the main promoter of their books.

Over the course of our conversation, I share the successful methods I’ve used used to promote my books. In addition, we discuss how to gain name recognition, and build credibility with peers.

Finally, we wrap up talking about the power of networking with other thought leaders to promote each other, problem-solve, and perhaps most importantly come together in what can be a very lonely profession.

This is an insightful episode for thought leaders and authors at any stage of their career! Be sure to tune in and take notes!

Three Key Takeaways from the Interview

  • If you are seeking to write a book, it should be about a topic of thought leadership that you are passionate about and is lacking in the market.
  • Building towards being able to exit a thought leadership business means building in systems that will eventually make you irrelevant.
  • Networking with other thought leaders is a great way to share ideas, brainstorm, and meet other generous and smart professionals.


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