Thinker 360 Recognizes Jim Kerr as A Top Global Thought Leader

Honored by these thought leadership rankings on Thinkers 360. My consulting career spans more than 3 decades, now. In that time, I’ve been blessed to have had 6 books and more than 500 articles published by major magazines including CEOWORLD magazine, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company and Management Issues. It’s wonderful to be recognized for that body of work.

Thinkers 360 ranked Kerr in the Top 25 in five of its thought leadership categories.

The group recognized my contributions to the betterment of leadership thinking in the following categories:

  1. Top 15 Culture. If you want customers to buy what you’re selling, you first need your team to buy into your vision.”
  2. Top 15 Change Management. Put properly trained people in positions to make decisions that stick.”
  3. Top 20 Leadership. Leaders come with all kinds of strengths and weaknesses. Regardless of yours, there are always some things that you can do to become a better leader.”
  4. Top 20 Strategy. “Scenario planning will make your business more agile as you put a discipline in place that helps you better anticipate the future.”
  5. Top 25 General Management. “Teach staffers how to do the work and you won’t have to do the work for them.”

These are all cherished compliments to receive while celebrating the release of my latest book, Indispensable: Build and Lead A Company Customers Can’t Live Without, which came out earlier this year, too!