Live Radio Appearance on August 25th

Talent Talk Radio Guest

Be sure to tune-in, Tuesday, August 25 at 4:30 PM ET / 1:30 PM on the west coast to Talent Talk Radio, where Jim is a featured guest.

Here’s the link to listen in.

Each week, Talent Talk Radio host, best-selling author, Chris Dyer discusses leadership, company culture and employee engagement issues and challenges with his guests.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s discussion with Chris. It will be a terrific opportunity to explore leadership ideas related to character, authenticity and trust. All of these are essential considerations during these very unsettling and unpredictable times,” says Jim Kerr, Founder, Indispensable Consulting about the upcoming conversation.

We’re sure that Jim and Chris will also have the occasion to discuss Indispensable (i.e., Jim’s 6th book – available January 2021 – Humanix Books). It provides an agenda that you can follow to transform your business. It offers an approach for re-imagining what your business can be. Further, Indispensable suggests how to re-constitute your business in ways that make it compelling and irresistible to your customers.

Also, the book features dozens of examples from Jim’s own experience and those from industry, including many drawn from Amazon, Uber, Facebook and other leading companies. Each business example illustrates how the concepts offered in the book are already being used to make businesses indispensable in the marketplace.

If you miss the live broadcast, you can listen to the podcast online at a later time.