In this episode of The Indispensable Conversation:

Should Our Personal Happiness Be The Goal?

Our guest is Personal Happiness Expert and Author, Dr. Elia Gourgouris

A new happiness industry has been sprouting fast to keep up with consumers’ insatiable demand for programs and prescriptions on how to experience authentic, ultimate, and lasting happiness.

Our frantic search for happiness is intimately related to the entire socioeconomic system of a consumer society.  Recognizing we’re not among the “haves” through social media, and the like, has led to all kinds of stress and unhappiness.

To me, there’s something a bit inauthentic about this.

Makes me wonder if personal happiness is the right goal?

I found an expert to help me explore this question

Personal Happiness Expert and Author, Dr. Elia Gourgouris is my guest for this episode of The Indispensable Conversation.

Here are some of the quesions that we explore in this episode:

  • Why do we still feel empty, when we live in abundance?
  • Why is depression on the increase, when we are awash with information on how to be happy?
  • Is it possible that the present happiness craze may be partially responsible for our unhappiness?


Please be sure to let us know if there were any “A-ha” moments for you.

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