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FEATURING: • Flawless Execution • Richer Company Culture • Greater Diversity of Thought • Unprecedented Quality of Decision-Making • Process Brilliance • Operational Excellence • Unmatched Use of Human Capital • Incredible Customer First Sensibilities • Industry Leading Leverage of Information • Agility–Enabled Business Models • Unrivaled Brand Loyalty • Talent Magnetism • High Performance Teamwork • Superior Customer Experience Delivery • Incomparable Staff Commitment • Digital Elegance • Lower Cost of Operations • Unsurpassed Performance • Unparalleled Business Results

All of this can be achieved by choosing Indispensable Consulting to drive your next strategic initiative.

We specialize in the following consulting services:



Your company’s vision defines its direction.

It should be told as a story that engages and informs all of your stakeholders, rightly.

After all, your people need to understand where their leaders want them to go. Your vision story defines the North Star which sets the direction.

Our Vision Story development framework provides the needed structure for creating a vision story that is compelling and inspires your team to greatness.


Strategic planning is about anticipating the future and determining what you’re going to do about it.

Our Scenario Planning approach provides a framework for considering the possibilities that may await your business.

Our Strategic Planning Methodology defines and prioritizes what must be done to achieve your vision, strengthen your brand and deliver the necessary tools and templates to ensure that your plans are immediately actionable.

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Transformation is about establishing Operational Excellence.

It is achieved by broadly changing the way work is done.

Our transformation services help you optimize workflow and work activities through process redesign.  Also, we help you leverage digital technology capabilities that help you build a winning ecosystem for your business.


Strategic misalignment can destroy a company’s ability to deliver results.

Our Organization Design services drives alignment by using your vision and strategies to set the boundaries, for instance.

With the strategic framework is in place, we work with you to finely tune your operating model and then redesign the reporting structures so that the “right” people are in the “right” places to perform at their best.


Great cultures win. Others don’t.

Company Culture is about behavior. Indeed, it determines how your staff members interact. It determines how your team treats your customers.

Our Culture Reset™ services help you build a winning culture that promotes high performance, while fostering the adoption of a new cultural dynamic where everyone works together to deliver an impeccable customer experience.

Industry 4.0

Tomorrow’s is coming. Are you ready for the next evolution in manufacturing?

Can you imagine a factory where robots, automated guided vehicles, sensors, controllers, raw materials, products, and databases communicate with one another? This future is upon us.

We help clients realize their vision of the factory of the future through our Industry 4.0 Strategic Planning Services.  Let us help you develop your plan to get there, too.

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Workplace Transition

High performance businesses pivot to continue winning, even when facing a health crisis.

Our Workplace Transition Services™ help you transition back to the physical work- place with a focus on mitigating risks for staff and other stakeholders, while re-imagining the way work will be performed in the future.




Coaches make people perform better.

After all, even world-class athletes have professional coaches.

Why shouldn’t your leadership team and high potential people have coaches, too? Our executive coaching services will make your people better at what they do.

Explore Our Jump-Start Options

A co-creation approach where your team takes the lead.

Packaged consulting offerings let your people learn while doing.

We provide the framework and guidance, your team produces the results!

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The best companies teach their people to recover quickly from challenges.

The degree to which a business weaves resilient thinking and behavior into its work settings determines how quickly a company recovers under pressure.

Our Resilience Program services help business continue to win, even when confronted by the seemingly insurmountable.

The Indispensable Consulting Methodology™ Sets Us Apart

Our Indispensable Consulting Methodology™ keeps things simple!

Time-tested and continuously fine-tuned by founder Jim Kerr, it has been applied by Indispensable Consulting practitioners in corporate, divisional and departmental initiatives for over 25 years, including those focused on:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Service Delivery
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Process Redesign
  • Product Strategy
  • Merger Integration
  • Operational Excellence
  • Organization Redesign
  • Culture Revitalization
  • Digital Transformation

We will use it with your team to co-create tailored solutions just for your business.

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