Short Video on Importance of Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning Matters!

Question: Why is scenario planning an essential consideration of an indispensable business?

Indeed, every leader is responsible for managing risk within their organizations. Certainly, the past year points to why this question is so critical for today’s business leaders.

Yes, scenario planning is a step that a top leadership team can to take to better anticpate and manage any unexpected event.  Essentially, I’m suggesting that it be a part of strategic planning activities on an ongoing basis. Think of some of the damage that could have been avoided had leaders pondered a pandemic’s impact on their business. Some of my clients had built scenarios that considered the possibility and they managed the storm.


Of course, I cover this topic in my latest book, Indispensable: Build and Lead A Company Customers Can’t Live Without.

Note: Kerr is an expert in leadership, strategy, organizational design and cultural transformation. James M. Kerr is an opinion columnist for CEOWORLD Inc. and Management-Issues magazines. On his YouTube channel, Kerr provides insights on leadership, company culture and becoming an indispensable business — one your customers can’t live without.