This is a short video recording from the live appearance on August 21st

Guest on reBoot with Dave Summers

Dave Summers hosts reBoot on LinkedIn.

​His are short, focused interviews recorded during #covid19. Typically, the topics range from leadership in the virtual landscape to company culture. Also, human factors in a less than human environment and survival skills for those working-at-home top the list, too.

Jim Kerr is the guest on the 90th episode of reBoot. Interestingly, Covid-19’s impact on company culture was among the topics covered.


While it only takes a few minutes to watch the interview, you will see Dave is truly a nice guy and is fun to talk with. Together, we discuss my latest book, INDISPENSABLE: How to Build and Lead a Company Customers Can’t Live Without (due out in January). Our sidebar conversation about maintaining optimism in these dark times is worth a look. Clearly, the possibilities of becoming the Greatest Generation 2.0 is within reach. Surely, it is up to us to decide to bring our ‘best’ to the challenge everyday, though,” says Jim Kerr, Founder, Indispensable Consulting about the conversation.

NOTE: The book, Indispensable, is published by Humanix Books, a division of Newsmax. It is available where ever you prefer to buy books on January, 5, 2021.