Live Appearance on September 16th

Guest on Power Lunch

Power Lunch hosts Jim Kerr  on Wednesday, September 16th at noon ET.

Power Lunch is broadcast every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at noon EST on LinkedIn. Rhett Power, the 2018 Business Coach of the Year and CEO of Power Coaching and Consulting, hosts the show. Coincidentally, all interviews are simulcast on TwitterFacebook, and Youtube.

Of course, if you miss the live broadcast, you can watch it here, at a later time.

Rhett is a compelling host. I know he will want to delve into all of the secrets offered in my latest book, Indispensable. After all, the book provides the agenda for becoming the business that customers prefer over any other in the marketplace. It’s no secret, the show always gets at ideas for business success. Indeed, Indispensable offers many real-life examples culled from industry-leading executives, including Bezos, Dimon and Musk,” says Jim Kerr, Founder, Indispensable Consulting about the upcoming conversation.

Undoubtedly, you want to catch this episode. Clearly, it offers valuable perspective and insight on what it takes to bring a company to the next level of performance. This broadcast outlines what is takes to build an Indispensable business – one that your customers can’t live without.

NOTE: The book, Indispensable, is published by Humanix Books, a division of Newsmax. It is available whereever you prefer to buy books on January, 5, 2021.

Power Lunch Live on LinkedIn: Hosted by best-selling authorRhett Power This is a powerful program that features guests who will share great advice and stories that will help you overcome the challenges of life and business. Learn from today’s top leaders who will share techniques and tactics they have used to reach their success. I’ll be on the program at noon EST on Wednesday, September 16, 2020. You can watch live on LinkedIn by using these hashtags #powerlunchlive #linkedinlive. Learn more at