Packaged To Jump Start Your Teams

Packaged consulting offerings let your people learn while doing.


Vision Story Jump Start™

This offering provides the coaching, templates and frameworks needed to craft a compelling story of where you want to take the business.

Culture Reset Jump Start™

This packaged solution enables your team to develop a company culture transformation plan that positions you to execute on your strategies.

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Strategic Planning Jump Start™

This Jump Start™ offering enables your team to develop a long-range strategic plan that aligns with your vision.

Scenario Planning Jump Start™

This Jump Start™ solution enables your team to better anticipate the future and devise tactics to overcome tomorrow’s challenges as they arise and whatever they may be.

High Potential Coaching Program

High Potential Leaders Jump Start™

This in-house program delivers the leadership coaching that your leaders of tomorrow need to set direction and manage change for years to come.

Digital Transformation Jump Start™

This offering enables your team to define the data, applications and technical infrastructures needed to transform your business and disrupt your competition.

Jump StartF.A.Q.

What’s the idea behind Jump Starts?

We provide the framework and guidance, your team produces the results!

What is the value proposition of Jump Starts?

We enable your team to learn while doing, without you needing to incur the cost of full-time consulting support.

When does a Jump Startmake sense?

Jump Starts are a great option if you have a highly talented and motivated team that just needs to learn what “good” looks like.

We have developed these packaged consulting offerings that provide all of the essential work product templates, frameworks and guidance needed to jump start and lead your team to success – enabling your team to receive exactly what it needs, when it needs it.

What’s else should I consider when deciding to Jump Startmy team?

Consider what you get for your money: First, your team is provided the direction, best practices and insight needed to deliver the transformative impact that you’ve charged them to deliver. Next, they get the essential frameworks, templates and work product samples necessary to produce the high quality results that you expect, with our guidance every step of the way.


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