Truly Humbled By The Support Received For My Latest Book By These Great Thought Leaders

The Indispensable Book has been decades in the making. As I begin to enter my fourth decade of management consulting and coaching, I have had the occasion to reflect back on 30 years of terrific engagements with major companies  including General Dynamics, The Home Depot and JP Morgan Chase, to name a few. The result, captured in this book, is his formula for what it takes to become Indispensable.

The fact that Marshall Goldsmith, John Baldoni, Don Peppers, Skip Prichard, Peter Economy and Harry Kraemer, all truly influential thought leaders, have graciously taken the time to review the book and recommend it to the people whom they advise is truly humbling.

Major Thought Leaders Endorse Indispensable Book

Indeed, each of these thought leaders have shaped the thinking of many top leaders today through their books, teachings and advisory work. I am, indeed, honored that they have endorsed my book and encouraged others to read it.

Of course, my hope is that you’ll read it, too.

When you do, you’ll come to recognize how vital your leadership is to helping your business become indispensable. Regardless of your rank or position, you must be able to provide the people you work with and serve:

  • A Captivating Vision: Outstanding  leaders can articulate a vision for the future that every staff member understands and buys-in to. This vision becomes the stuff of rallying cries and establishes the common goal that leader and team will share. 
  • Active Direction-Setting:  Next, a game plan for execution must be built in support of that vision.  But, building a plan without engaged direction-setting will not suffice.  Outstanding leaders at every level will be fully involved, monitoring progress and charting the course for execution throughout their firm’s journey to indispensability.
  • Enlightened Coaching:  Outstanding leaders support their team and understand how to provide the “right” touch at the “right” time – directive when the path to success is unclear and supportive when it’s time to empower – just like any world-class coach does when building a champion.
  • A Collaborative Environment:  Outstanding leaders  know how to establish a collaborative tenor within their area of responsibility.  Selfish and egocentric behavior is stomped out; teamwork is recognized and rewarded.

Remember, there are many great companies – only a few are indispensable. This book was written to help you build an indispensable business – one that your customers can’t live without.