I am a consultant and a coach.

Know Thyself

It is in this spirit that I offer the following to anyone who might be in need of my professional services:

Guiding and mentoring is my calling. I am a true consultant and coach. Earning the role of trusted advisor energizes and inspires me.

As a consultant, I am the person who swoops in, quickly assesses my client’s current challenge and then co-creates bespoke solutions that distinctly work for them. After all, off-the-shelf solutions only enables clients to keep up with the competition, custom-made solutions enable them to soar past.

As a coach, I cultivate trust, confidence and the safety needed to guide business leaders, in a hands-on, engaging way toward a desired end. You are the star of your journey. I am a trusted side-kick that helps you become what you are meant to be.

While I see myself as someone who is astute and skilled, the  particular body of knowledge is less important. Instead, it’s more about the interactive process of guiding people and organizations, in a more personalized way, through a process aimed at growth, problem-solving, application and achievement.

My true aspiration

My true aspiration is not just to get those I work with to a better place, but to also help them develop what is needed. In this way, when the time is right, I can step away. It enables me to then watch them ascend to new heights before I move on and engage with other organizations and people who are thirsty for a similar “transformation.”

Because of this, I have honed the ability to walk into nearly any setting, industry or field and readily feel at home, even if I don’t have deep domain-specific expertise.

Through my 30 years of consulting and coaching experience, I know that I can give any organization and leadership team what they need to succeed.

With that, if you need me, please reach-out.