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The Indispensable Blog is indispensable because we provide fresh insights on the latest leadership and business trends effecting your organization.

Thinkers 360 Global Top 25 Thought Leader

Honored by these thought leadership rankings on Thinkers 360. My consulting career spans more than 3 decades, now. In that time, I've been blessed to have had 6 books and more than 500 articles published by major magazines including CEOWORLD magazine, Inc. Magazine,...

Scenario Planning Matters!

Scenario Planning Matters! Question: Why is scenario planning an essential consideration of an indispensable business? Indeed, every leader is responsible for managing risk within their organizations. Certainly, the past year points to why this question is so critical...

Authentic Leadership and the Indispensable Business

Authentic Leadership Counts! Question: What's the connection between authentic leadership and the building of an indispensable business? Of course, every leader wants their business to be the one customers prefer. That said, this question is a solid one to consider....

Company Culture and the Indispensable Business Connection

Company Culture Counts! Question: What's the connection between culture and the building of an indispensable business? Asked at a recent book launch event, this is a superb question for any leader to ponder.  Of course, every leader wants their business to be the one...

YouTube Channel Launched

YouTube Channel Delivers Top-Notch Content Here's the announcement: James M. Kerr, founder at Indispensable Consulting, is a long-time management consultant, vision maker and leadership coach. For nearly 30 years, he has helped his clients re-imagine the way work is...

Top Business Leaders Podcast

Top Business Leaders Podcast With host Dan Janal Top Business Leaders Podcast host Dan Janal's interviews are content rich. He gets at the questions his listeners want to know the answers to -- how do I write a book that resonates with readers? It was my distinct...

Helping Organizations Thrive Podcast

Helping Organizations Thrive Podcast Reshaping the way work is done. We cover a lot of ground in this interview. Slated for just 20 minutes, host Julian Roberts decided to just keep going. We spent a good bit of time on vision and the need to extend the typical, stale...

Be Resilient Now!

Take a minute to learn how to bring Resiliency to your business. Building a resilient company culture, one where every employee thrives, is a...

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About The Indispensable Blog

We don’t curate other’s ideas. Instead, we develop our own from real life experiences with our clients. There’s no theory here. We write about what we do and how it worked. Moreover, we work diligently to demystify the theories that are shaping the way we approach strategy, direction-setting and the management of business change. Lastly, our blog content is almost always published by major media outlets because of its exceptional quality. Reach-out of you would like to discuss any of our ideas.

Who Writes The Indispensable Blog?

Our Founder, Jim Kerr, writes the majority of our blog posts. He  is a recognized thought leader, consultant, futurist and coach. His business columns and books provide leaders with rare insight and advice that has helped to shape strategic thinking for years.

He also ensures that Indispensable Consulting remains committed to co-creating customized solutions with you and your team. After all, you’re the experts in what you do. So, why would we pretend to know more about your business than you do?

We just don’t operate that way. We respect our clients too much to be one of those firms.

Instead, we’ll pledge to bring our vast experience in setting direction and managing change to the table and provide the tools that you need to achieve your goals.

This means we will provide the analytical frameworks, methodologies and techniques that enables you (and us) to identify fresh opportunities that you might not otherwise see without our objective support.

This is exactly what you should expect from a boutique consulting firm.

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