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The Indispensable Blog is indispensable because we provide fresh insights on the latest leadership and business trends effecting your organization.

Customer Care Is Not A Value At Apple

Customer Service Suffers As A Result Core values are a company’s business principles, beliefs and philosophy. Apparently the customer does not matter at Apple because the customer and our needs are not even mentioned. Take a look at Apple’s core values: We believe...

Soundview Interview

My Soundview Interview Is Part of a New Series at the Company So proud to talk about my latest book, Indispensable: Build and Lead A Company our Customers Can’t Live Without, with Ursula A Sharp from Soundview, Inc. – the book summary company. If you’re unfamiliar,...

Season One Highlights

Season One Highlights Just a few minutes of insights from the first season. It was quite a Season One on The Indispensable Conversation! We had 14 guests and explored all kinds of important topics from the Great Resignation, to harmful nature of Misinformation, to...

Todd Cherches on Indispensable Conversation

Todd Cherches on The Indispensable Conversation Should We Always Believe What We See? This is the question on this episode of The Indispensable Conversation with my guest Todd Cherches. Todd is the CEO at BigBlueGumball, a member of the MG100 and author of...

The Indispensable Conversation Podcast

The Indispensable Conversation Podcast A place where people who like provocative insights meet. Most podcasts out there today do little more than provide a platform for somebody to promote their latest book. As a person who has been interviewed hundreds of times on...

Register For The Virtual Retreat

Register For The Virtual Retreat Mandy Morris and I are your hosts for this full-day event! You being you is the only way to become an indispensable leader, partner, parent and friend. Sometimes our authenticity gets lost in the struggles of everyday life. This...

Claus Raastad Endorses Indispensable

Claus Raastad Endorses Indispensable Why does he recommend that you buy the book? Beaming in from Copenhagen, Claus Raasted, Director at The College of Extraordinary Experiences & Coach at McKinsey & Company is an inspiring character to say the least.  Listen...

It is said that one must “know thyself.”

Know Thyself It is in this spirit that I offer the following to anyone who might be in need of my professional services: Guiding and mentoring is my calling. I am a true consultant and coach. Earning the role of trusted advisor energizes and inspires me. As a...

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About The Indispensable Blog

We don’t curate other’s ideas. Instead, we develop our own from real life experiences with our clients. There’s no theory here. We write about what we do and how it worked. Moreover, we work diligently to demystify the theories that are shaping the way we approach strategy, direction-setting and the management of business change. Lastly, our blog content is almost always published by major media outlets because of its exceptional quality. Reach-out of you would like to discuss any of our ideas.

Who Writes The Indispensable Blog?

Our Founder, Jim Kerr, writes the majority of our blog posts. He  is a recognized thought leader, consultant, futurist and coach. His business columns and books provide leaders with rare insight and advice that has helped to shape strategic thinking for years.

He also ensures that Indispensable Consulting remains committed to co-creating customized solutions with you and your team. After all, you’re the experts in what you do. So, why would we pretend to know more about your business than you do?

We just don’t operate that way. We respect our clients too much to be one of those firms.

Instead, we’ll pledge to bring our vast experience in setting direction and managing change to the table and provide the tools that you need to achieve your goals.

This means we will provide the analytical frameworks, methodologies and techniques that enables you (and us) to identify fresh opportunities that you might not otherwise see without our objective support.

This is exactly what you should expect from a boutique consulting firm.

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