Always fun to be with host, Julian Roberts, all the way from the UK!

Helping Organizations Podcast

Talking About What Leaders Need to Focus on in 2022.

In this short clip, I share 3 key areas that leaders need to be mindful of as we shift to the new future of business:

1. Pandemic dividend – those who boomed in the last 2 years, start to play catch up and develop strategies to bridge the gap. One way is to create a incubator approach to innovation, create companies in companies with your teams, almost a start-up mindset in a bigger secure structure.

2. Stakeholder capitalism – go beyond the usual stakeholders and engage those like your employees and customers.

3. CEO Civic Policy-setting – There is an expectation that the CEO will step into challenge government policy and thinking, be a thought leader and embrace the challenge.

Please be sure to watch this highlights.

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