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This video series found below was made just for you!

The series is a quick and easy way to determine where your organization is on itsĀ  indispensability journey.

Please let me know how your organization did with the audit!

Each of the six videos which comprise this Rapid Audit Series only require a couple of minutes of your time to view. Organized by the 6 topics that comprise the Indispensable Agenda presented in the book, each video asks 5 straight-forward yes or no questions.

The intent is to answer these 5 questions as quickly as possible using the score sheet (included). Once tallied, you will quickly be able to see which of the 6 agenda topics you’re managing well and which require more deliberate attention in order for your organization to become indispensable.

As mentioned, it’s a quick way to assess just where you are on your indispensable journey. Do it well and you just may build and lead a company your customers can’t live without!

indispensable business audit scorecard
The Indispensable Business

Rapid Audit Series

Watch & Score All Six Videos

This product was created to be a quick way for you and your team to assess just where your business is on its path to indispensability.

Indispensable Gift Giveaway

The Indispensable Audit Scorecard

Don’ forget to download your scorecard!

...And Don't Overthink It!

Work quickly to determine a YES or NO response to each of the five questions asked in each video. Your first response is usually your best response!

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