Drive Leadership Development through a tailer-made, in-house coaching program.

This short video is about creating a community of leaders within your organization.

Coincidentally, I am currently coaching a cohort of 9 high potential leaders at a major Fortune 150 company. The profile of those in the cohort is similar to many of my subscribers here – middle manager, 20 years of business experience, masters degrees – the hope is that, through my coaching, they develop additional leadership skills to one day assume a top, C-level position in the Company.

This leads to a key question:

Shouldn’t every organization be building a community of leaders, too?

Your call to action is simple:

Reach-out to me if you would like to bring an in-house coacching program for your high potential leaders!


BTW – These ideas are based on those presented in my latest book:

INDISPENSABLE: How to Build and Lead a Company Customers Can’t Live Without (2021).

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