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Leaders Need Coaches, Too!

Coaches help people to perform better.




World-class athletes have coaches. It is how they perform at their best.

Your leadership team and high potential staff deserve exceptional coaching.

Our coaches are indispensable.

Let Jim Kerr, the #1 Leadership Coach in the nation, help you develop your leadership team.

Jim Kerr ranked #1 leadership coach in the nation

Our Coaching Method:

  • BASELINE: Self-Assessment, Stakeholder Input, Theme Identification.
  • PLAN: Goals, Improvement Strategies. Resource References, Progress Tracking.
  • COUNSEL: Listen. Deliver Feed-back. Teach. Monitor and Adjust.
  • DELIVER: Better Performance, Greater Resilience, More Impact!

We offer two kinds of coaching packages:

Executive Coaching Packages:

1:1 coaching and on-call advising programs aimed at top leaders.

Learn more about these programs here.

High Potential Coaching Packages:

1:1 coaching intended for an entire cohort of your next era leaders.

Learn more about these programs here.

Coaching Does Make A Difference:



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We Can Design A Corporate Program, Too!

  • Why not design a program to help your Succession Candidates?

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