Lost some of yourself due to the Pandemic?

Authenticity – Here’s an approach to regain what has been lost.

Best of all, we can bring this program to you and your team, if you care to invest in their well being and morale.

The past two years has caused many of us to get lost in the struggles of everyday life.

As an executive adviser and mental health professional, co-author Mandy Morris, LPC and I help the people that we work with in different ways. However, one day over a virtual cup of coffee, we began to discuss the trials and tribulations of the work that we do.

Almost immediately, we recognized that many of the people that we work with have lost some of their identity due to the energy sapping that came with trying to keep it together through this relentless pandemic.

As a consequence, we were each helping clients to relearn how to keep it real.

This article  published by SmartBrief, outlines an approach to restore your energy, vitality and reclaim your authentic self.