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Key Takeaways From Indispensable

  • Customer loyalty is tough to gain and easy to lose, but leaders who make indispensability one of their core strategies can win customers for the long term.
  • Indispensability starts at the top. Leaders must communicate a vision of who they’ll be for their customers and empower their teams to act on it.
  • Your company’s culture will be a deciding factor in whether shifts toward indispensability will take hold. You can take steps such as speaking openly, extending respect, and granting space to test and act on new ideas to gain the trust your employees need to follow you down a new path.
  • Ensure you have the right teams in place to bring your vision to life. Look for employees with a high emotional intelligence quotient (EQ), ambition, clear goals, grit, and unique perspectives. Then, keep them engaged by ensuring their basic needs are met and that they feel valued, empowered, respected, and instrumental to the outcomes you hope to attain.
  • Implement a new framework for change. Start by naming what you want to attain. Then, play an active role in clearing obstacles and gaining support. Put a team in place to keep plans on track, and broadcast the progress your company has made regularly to inspire and motivate them toward more action.

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INDISPENSABLE: How to Build and Lead a Company Customers Can’t Live Without (2021).

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