What We Do

We are culture change experts that deliver impeccable services within these specialties:


Define the “what” and “why” of your business.


Define the “when” and “how” of your business.


Define the “who” and the “where” of your business.


Define the way your talent behaves and performs.


Define the methods and tools your people use to get the job done.


Strengthen your leadership team today, build leaders for tomorrow.

in·​di·​spens·​able | in-di-ˈspen(t)-sə-bəl

Definition of indispensable

1. absolutely necessary, essential: as in an indispensable part of the leadership team
2. not subject to being set aside or neglected: as in an indispensable contributor
3. something you can not do without: as in a boutique consulting firm that keeps its promises

We are indispensable by definition.

What Makes Us Different?

We co-create customized solutions with you and your team. After all, you’re the experts in what you do. So, why would we pretend to know more about your business than you do?

We just don’t operate that way. We respect our clients too much to be one of those firms.

Instead, we’ll pledge to bring our vast experience in setting direction and managing change to the table and provide the tools that you need to achieve your goals.

This means we will provide the analytical frameworks, methodologies and assessment techniques that enables you (and us) to identify fresh opportunities that you might not otherwise see without our objective support.

This is exactly what you should expect from a boutique consulting firm.

boutique consultant

Our Founder Drives The Culture That Makes Us Indispensable

James M. Kerr is a recognized thought leader, consultant, futurist and coach. His business columns and books provide leaders with rare insight and advice that has helped to shape strategic thinking for years.

Our Mission Is To Make You Successful

Transformation Happens
transformation needs change management

We help you choose the best way to get there.



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